JWE has extensive experience with all types of motor vehicle accidents. When we first started practicing law, Texas was generally a favorable place for vehicle accident victims to obtain fair compensation. More recently, insurance companies in Texas have the upper hand and regularly take advantage of injured individuals who do not have experienced legal representation. Besides tort “reform” measures continually pushed through the state legislature, the biggest impact in Texas is that insurance companies now have “captive counsel”. This means that the lawyer who defends the responsible vehicle operator receives a salary directly from the insurance company rather than from an independent law firm who charges the insurance company an hourly fee for time spent defending the matter. Therefore, in many instances, the vehicle insurer has nothing to lose by denying or delaying compensating victims of vehicle negligence. Fortunately, JWE attorneys have the experience to determine the best course of action for getting accident victims the justice they deserve.

JWE promptly and thoroughly investigates each case to access fault, determine other responsible parties such as road construction and signage companies, vehicle defects, providers of alcohol to intoxicated patrons, and other sources of insurance compensation such as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and PIP coverage.

We have handled thousands of cases involving Texas motor vehicle accidents. These cases include:

    18 wheeler accidents

    Drunk drivers