Almost all pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices have inherent risks. Some of these risks are so inherent that Texas law provides protection to drug companies and medical device manufacturers who disclose those risks to the FDA. The FDA can then make a determination about whether the risks outweigh the benefits of the product. In turn, the FDA requires the manufacturer to warn or instruct the medical practitioner about when to use, when not to use and how to use the drug or device based upon pre-approval clinical studies. In those instances, Texas law protects the drug or device product manufacturer from lawsuits. In our mind, this is fair because a drug or medical device would never be available to the public because of the risk of a known very rare side effect. However, a pharmaceutical or medical device company is not shielded from all lawsuits in Texas. For example, a patient may sue a drug company when the patient's side effect results from an error in the manufacturing process. This is also fair in our mind. This is why we represent both individuals and companies in disputes involving injuries alleged to result from a drug or medical device product. JWE attorneys have defended some of the biggest drug companies and medical device manufacturers. We typically learn every published medical journal article pertaining a particular pharmaceutical or medical device and its relationship to a particular disease. We understand the most complex technology and disease process so we communicate equally, comfortably and confidently with experts and witnesses on either side of the dispute. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.