You might be able to tell from our website that we dislike insurance companies. This is not because the people who handle claims for insurance companies are bad. Instead, insurance company claims adjusters are typically good people who are underpaid and undervalued by their employers. Our experience is that insurance companies are not in business to pay claims; they are in the business to deny and delay paying claims. One of the biggest reasons that insurance companies pay claims is because of the threat of being sued by lawyers like JWE.

With very limited exceptions, Texas law does not allow a “third-party claimant” to directly sue the insurer of the party who caused bodily injury or property damage. Instead, the claimant must sue the responsible party. On the other hand, as a “first-party claimant”, a Texas policyholder can directly sue their own insurance company when the insurer has delayed or denied paying a covered claim. Below are a few experience examples of the “first-party” insurance claims that JWE attorneys typically handle.

Real Property Owner

Texas storms are notorious for causing wind and hail damage. Sometimes you discover a serious water leak to your home or business. Fire damage can be devastating. Repairing damage to your house or business is expensive, that's why you buy insurance. But what happens if your insurance company refuses to compensate you for damages? What if they deny your claim? How can you afford to fix your property or replace your possessions? Sometimes, insurance companies simply don't want to pay for costly damages to your property. They find ways to make you settle cheap, or keep finding ways to hassle you, hoping you'll just give up. You don't deserve to be treated this way. Call the Texas Insurance Disputes attorneys at JWE to stand up for the protection you paid for.

Business Owner

Texas business owners typically spend a significant portion of their gross profits on an insurance program intended to cover all contingencies. Unfortunately, our experience is that insurance companies will look for every loophole not to pay a business owner’s own loss. Further, when a third-party makes a claim for damages against a business, the insurer may chose not even to defend the third-party lawsuit. In instances, when the insurer decides to defend the business, this may be only temporary under a “reservation of rights.” In that instance, insurers often hire their own lawyers to defend the business while keeping an eye out in the third-party lawsuit for ways to weasel out of continuing to defend against and/or pay for the third-party’s damages.

JWE attorneys have much experience interpreting insurance policy language and fighting insurers for coverage on behalf of Texas business owners. We can go through your insurance policy terms and determine what proof is necessary to make an effective insurance claim. Ideally, you will consider having us review your insurance program before you have a loss. Our initial consultation is free. Your business paid for insurance protection, and you deserve to receive fair value for your insurance claim.

Health Insurance

Good health is our most valued possession. We all protect our health in order to enjoy life. But what happens if you become sick and your insurance company refuses to let you have the treatment you need? The insurance company should not make vital decisions about your health. Sometimes you obtain medical care with the belief that the treatment is covered by your health insurance plan only to receive a medical provider bill telling you that your insurer will not pay for the treatment. Don’t let health insurers ruin your hard earned financial status or your overall well-being. Call the Texas Insurance Disputes attorneys at JWE and take back control of your finances and health.

Life Insurance

Losing a loved one is stressful enough, and the added hassles of fighting with your insurance company over trivial policy matters can be tougher to endure. If you are experiencing this with your insurance company, JWE is here to help. We know that insurance companies will find any little thing to avoid paying a claim. This is bad faith, and it's against Texas law.

Vehicle Insurance

Besides the initial shock of being in an automobile accident or suffering damage to your motor vehicle or boat, getting your insurer to pay a claim for bodily injury or property damage shouldn’t be a continued nightmare. If you have been paying for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage for many years, shouldn’t the insurer do the right thing and just pay your claim without needlessly wasting your time looking for a reason not to pay it? If you have a claim against your own insurer for your own vehicle damage or bodily injury, don’t allow yourself to be jacked around. You know when you are being treated unfairly, and when you do, we would be glad to talk to you about your rights under Texas law. Our initial consultation is free.