Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act Attorneys (DTPA)

The DTPA was enacted by the Texas Legislature to protect consumers from deceptive business practices. The act entitles consumers redress in cases involving false or misleading business practices, breaches of warranty, on the part of companies and corporations. Pursuant to the Act, consumers may be entitled to double, and in some instances, three times their actual damages, punitive damages, plus attorney’s fees and court costs. The attorneys at JWE are experienced in prosecuting and defending alleged violations of the DTPA.

Unlawful Acts of Business Under the DTPA

There are a number of different accusations that may be leveled against a business in relation to the DTPA. The following list, though not exhaustive, does provide some illustrations of the kinds of deceptive conduct that is prohibited:

    Misrepresentation regarding and insurance policy or insurer

    Presenting old, used, or defective merchandise as if it were brand new

    Falsely claiming goods have an official endorsement or approval they do not

    Falsely claiming merchandise contains certain ingredients or is composed of certain materials it is not

    Claiming a product is manufactured or made somewhere different than its actual place of origin

    Creating a false impression that an association or affiliation with another company or product exists when it does not

    Falsely claiming products or services are provided by a certain company when they are not

    False Advertising

    Claiming certain price reductions are available and then refusing to honor these earlier claims

    Making unsubstantiated or false claims about another company's goods or services

    Claiming products or services are of a certain quality or standard when they are not

If you have been misled by the business practices of a company, retailer, insurance agent, or contractor or your business has been accused of committing any form of the above, the attorneys at JWE are here to help you.