Lawsuit Avoidance Counseling

In many instances, the best litigation tactic is not to litigate. Companies exist to do business, not to file or defend lawsuits. Individuals exist to live their lives, not to sue or be sued. Litigation is time-consuming, disruptive, costly, emotionally draining, and can prolong the pain and increase the damage caused by the underlying dispute. In some cases, litigation is the only viable option. In many other cases, consulting with an experienced attorney before litigation arises can vastly improve the outcome results, either by enabling the parties to avoid a dispute altogether, or by bringing closure more quickly and efficiently to a dispute once it has arisen.

Lawsuit avoidance counseling can take different forms. Ideally, consultation occurs before a dispute arises in an effort to avoid it altogether. An experienced JWE attorney can advise on courses of action to take or avoid, or can advise a client on how to communicate directly with the other party. Once a dispute has arisen, a letter from us may be all that is needed to prevent it from maturing into a lawsuit. In some cases, early intervention can lead the parties to resolve the dispute between them to reach a mutually-acceptable outcome. And when litigation is unavoidable, alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, arbitration or mini-trials can be effective and more cost-effective than litigation.