JWE attorneys represent parties in product liability litigation filed in state and federal courts across Texas and by special admission to other state courts with associated counsel. Defective products are those that are unsafe because of hazardous design, dangerous manufacturing, or insufficient warnings. Products can be defective because their designers failed to account for foreseeable dangers in their use, or they can be defective if they malfunction or fail in a way that causes injury. If you have been injured by a product in which the manufacturer failed to identify, eliminate, or guard against the hazards that caused the injury, you may be entitled to compensation under Texas product liability law. While no means an exhaustive list, JWE attorneys have experience seeking justice for victims of the following defective products.

Automotive Defects

Manufacturers of automobiles have known for years how to make cars safer. However, manufacturers have frequently delayed in supplying cars and trucks with reasonable safety devices including airbags, pre-tensioning seatbelts, side door reinforcement, gas tank protection and roll over stability. When vehicles malfunction because cars or trucks are not equipped with known safety equipment, lives may be lost. Learn what to do in order to protect your rights in the event an automotive defect causes a serious injury or death to a member of your family.

Tire Failures

Particularly with the high summer temperatures in Texas, tire failures at high speed put you and those around you at severe risk of injury or death. Improperly manufactured tires may fail during inflation causing serious injury. Many dangerous tires are now being imported from foreign countries. Though some tires are very reliable, others are prone to failure and malfunction. If you or someone you love is injured in a tire failure incident, we may be able to help.

Seatbelt Defects

Seatbelts are perhaps the single most important piece of safety equipment in your vehicle. When a seatbelt malfunctions, the risk of injury escalates dramatically. If a defective seatbelt has compounded any injuries you or a loved one has sustained in an automobile accident, knowing your rights is indispensable.

Airbag Injuries

Although airbags generally provide enhanced safety in the event of a crash, they are often responsible for injuries when improperly installed, tested, or maintained. If you are injured by a defective or improperly installed airbag, your car's manufacturer may be financially responsible for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.

Vehicular Rollover/Roof Crush

Some vehicles are prone to rolling or flipping due to poor design. Vehicles with high centers of gravity, such as SUVs, vans and trucks, are particularly susceptible to rollover in the events of evasive driving maneuvers, side impacts, sharp highway curves and other causes. Surprisingly, many cars and most trucks are manufactured without adequately reinforced roofs or pillars to withstand the load of a rollover and provide protection for the occupants. When a roof does collapse, injuries can be serious and a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may be warranted. Contact JWE today to find out whether you have legal standing to initiate a product liability lawsuit.

Child Restraint Defects

Effective child safety restraints or car seats are crucial in the event of an accident. Like seatbelts, these restraints often make the difference between life and death for young vehicle passengers. When they are poorly designed or fail to work properly, the results can be disastrous.

Industrial or Agricultural Machines

Agricultural and industrial machinery have been built with numerous well known safety hazards for decades. The failure to guard in-running nip points, or shear points, the failure to provide roll over protection, or the failure to provide lock out and tag out devices to allow for adequate maintenance have resulted in thousands of disabling injuries on the farm and in the factory. Agriculture is the second most dangerous injury in the country in large part because of the failure to guard the powerful machinery that is used on farms including tractors, corn pickers, hay balers, lawn mowers, power take offs, manure spreaders and many other machines. Often the technology to provide guards or eliminate hazards has been known for many years and was not used, resulting in thousands of needless severe injuries. If you or a member of your family has lost a limb or been seriously injured by agricultural or industrial machinery you may have rights under product liability law. JWE stands ready to help you.

Home and Recreational Products

A startling percentage of personal injuries occur in the home as well as while victims are engaged in recreational activities. Hazardous toys, sporting equipment, appliances, and many other products manufactured for home use cause serious injuries every day. Trampolines, exercise equipment, toys containing lead or that can be easily swallowed by a small child account for many serious injuries. If you have been injured by a household or recreational product we will be happy to evaluate your claim.

If you are interested in learning more about product liability litigation, or if you have been in an accident in Texas or elsewhere in the country and would like to start a product liability lawsuit, please contact JWE for a no risk free initial consultation.